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Fun TV - Live TV on Android( Mostly Indian)( android )

Fun TV - Live TV on Android( Mostly Indian)
Fun TV is an app which lets you stream TV Channels directly through the built in video player or any other player that supports live streaming. Adobe Flash is absolutely not required.

You can browse through different channels arranged by their categories. When you click a channel, it may ask you to select a streaming application if you have multiple video players installed. The app requires 2G/3G/Wi-Fi connection for live streaming. Fast connection is required for optimum result. You might encounter an error if your internet speed is low. Channel availibility cannot be guarranteed as it depends upon server load and various other conditions. You might have to configure your player in order to stream without any problem.

There are many channels repeated in the app, those might be of different quality or given in for use case other one fails. If any channel doesn't work on your phone, we request you to let us know. While contacting us, be sure to include the error message and your phone model, which might help us in identifying the problem.

Browse through channels arranged by category
You can choose 2G/3G/Wi-Fi versions of many channels
All channels are tested and working, might not work in all cases (Refer Help)
Themes supported, choose from 12 themes included to make it look as you want
App2SD support, installs to SD Card
Completely free without any ads
Note that this app mostly contains Indian Channels, as I'm an Indian, and very less likely will get channels from other countries.

The app is Open Sourced under GNU GPL v3.0 and completely free. You can get source code at

The app is built using Phonegap framework and easily portable to other platforms. There is also a Symbian version available.


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Working fine on my SGS, not every, but many channels working

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