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How to Install/Flash Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Stock ROM Firmware using Odin

This is the step by step procedure on how to flash a stock ROM or firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Android smartphone by using Odin. This instructions might help you on how to manually upgrade, downgrade revert back your device to original stock if you are currently running any custom ROMs.

Disclaimer: We shall not held liable if any problems occur to your device by following this procedures. Proceed at your own risk!  This is not advisable to to typical users or beginners who doesn't have any knowledge about firmware, this is for advance users only.
Samsung Galaxy Note firmware comes from different versions or build for specific Country, Region and Carrier providers. You must always check your current firmware version by typing *#1234# and then remember it. You can grab any available firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note at Sammobile and also check out if your current firmware is also in there so that you can have it for back up use in-case you need to revert back again.
Europe, Asia and Middle East

Tools needed:
- Odin downloader: Odin3_v1.85
- Pit file: Q1-20110914_16GB.pit (Only needed for full flashing)
- Driver: You must have Kies installed on your PC to have the necessary driver for Galaxy Note installed as well.
- Supplied USB cable wire for Galaxy Note (ensure that it is in 100% working)
- A good PC USB serial port to avoid setup connection errors
- Then your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 not GT-I9220 for it comes with other firmware build

Before you proceed prepare the necessary things to do as follows:
- Create a sync to backup all your personal data, like: Contacts, Messages, Applications, Pictures and Videos, because you will lose after the update.
- Make sure that the phone's battery is at its peak level to ensure stability and avoid power failure issues.
-Close all softwares, such as KIES suite, Antivirus, firewalls, to prevent the possible conflicts.
-Prepare a personal computer or laptop with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later OS, and of course you must to deactivate the antivirus from your computer and you must have an administrator access, to be able to download and install the drivers.
- Do a hard reset, (Full Reset: *2767*3855#)  this will clean the memory cache of your device and get rid of flashing failures.

Odin Flashing Procedure for Galaxy Note GT-N7000
1)Extract the downloaded firmware or stock ROM

2) Run Odin Downloader v1.85 program.

3) Load the binary files to its designated slots.
A. Single file only - This firmware comes in a single packed  mostly on recent updates that is fulled from official Samsung Kies firmware server. The PDA,MODEM and CSC file are in one single packaged.
Once you extracted this file, you''ll find a .tar.md5 file extension to it.
ex. N7000XXKJ4_N7000OXXKJ4_N7000XXKJ4_HOME.tar.md5

Just load the file on the PDA slot. Just click on the PDA button then select and load it.

DO NOT check 'Repartition' because there is no PIT file is loaded. This is safe for upgrade and downgrade only when the device is currently running the official firmware.
Check these: Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes.

How to flash Samsung Galaxy note N7000 stock ROM firmware with only one .tar.md5 in ODIN
 B. Multiple files without Pit- These goes with individual PDA, MODEM and CSC files
 *Click on the PDA button then select and load a file with:
 * Click on the PHONE button then select and load a file with:
* Click on the CSC button then select and load a file with: 

DO NOT check 'Repartition' because there is also no PIT file is loaded to it.
Check these: Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes.
How to flash Samsung Galaxy note N7000 stock ROM firmware with PDA MODEM and CSCin ODIN

C) Multiple files with Pit included - This is a full flashing method, this is only advisable and useful for reverting back to original firmware when previously installed unofficial ROM or to fix softbricked devices like unable to boot normally. (I am using this method in my shop to fix bricked devices. Be aware that hard bricked or such already dead boot jammed devices cannot be recovered by Odin, I'm using a JTAG force flashing with another tool) So, don't ever messed your device for its hard to recover it)

The same as the multiple file step above but this time you need to load the pit file.
Click the Pit button and load the Q1-20110914_16GB.pit then the PDA, MODEM and CSC files. If the bootloader file is also included load it on the BOOTLOADER button.

This time you need to check the Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes.
How to flash Samsung Galaxy note N7000 stock ROM firmware with PIT BOOTLOADER PDA MODEM and CSC in ODIN

4) Prepare the Device Into Download Mode: Turn-Off the phone first or remove the battery for a couple of seconds then put it back again. Now Press and hold the Volume Down, HOME and Power ON button at the same time). You will then presented into a "Warning Message" screen, just press the Volume Up to continue. Once the Android robot  and a "Downloading" message appears.

How to set Samsung Galaxy note N7000 in Download mode with button combination

5. Connect USB data cable to Phone. The ID:COM box will will be highlighted and turn to color yellow when the phone is properly connected and already detected with Odin.
6.Tick the 'START' button when all is set and ready to begin flashing.
Samsung Galaxy note N7000 stock ROM firmware Odin flashing

7. DO NOT Interrupt, touch nor do anything when the phone is already in flashing progress mode. You'll messed up the phone if you accidentally interfere the installation. Wait until a word "PASS" appears on the left side of the Odin screen, it is an indication that the installation successfully completes. (If you get failed errors, check the USB connection condition, repeat the whole process)
Samsung Galaxy note N7000 stock ROM Odin firmware flashing completes

8.Wait until the phone completely reboots, then unplug it from PC.
Do Full Reset: *2767*3855# to have a fresh firmware installation.

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  1. I'm running rooted KingDroid 7.4. Need to get back to official stock without root and triangle so I can bring my device to service center. Does this method work? Need this, coz my front speaker doesn't work (can't hear the other side during the call - trick with attaching/removeing headphones worked only once, no more and I don't want to attach/remove headphones all the time I receive a call). So does this work?

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  2. N7000XXKJ4_N7000OXXKJ4_N7000XXKJ4_HOME.tar.md5 file
    load the file on the PDA or PHONE slot? What you wrote & picture shown is different. TQ.

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  3. I tried this today, 4th March 2012, after a few driver issues with my laptop it seemed to have completed successfully. I am awaiting the full reboot to complete. The USSD codes however do not work on my phone :(. Will post a comment when the phone reboots and appears to be fully operational

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  4. My phone never fully rebooted. It remained at the Samsung brand for a long time. I restarted, it does that fine, but it won't go pass the Samsung brand at start up. I have tried the flash again, same thing.

    What do you recommend?

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  5. I had the same problem, removed the battery and pressed power for 10 secs, then re inserted battery and powered phone up again and then it went past the booting logo to optimizing applications

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  6. @Danielle Worrell

    You may be affected by the brick bug. Kindly surrender your mobile phone to the nearest Samsung service center to have the motherboard replaced.

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    GO TO

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