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How to Flash/Install I9001XXKPU Samsung Galaxy S Plus Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware Upgrade

Here's step by step detailed guide on how to manually upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-19001 to the most latest Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware build I9001XXKPU. This ROM is a European build, released in Austria, Germany and Poland. This is now the most stable Gingerbread for Galaxy S Plus among all the rest firmware updates previously.

Disclaimer: Use this procedure at your own risk. We shall not held responsible anything happens to your device for following this guide.
Odin flashing procedure: Installing stock ROM I9001XXKPU on Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
Grab the following files:
Downloader: Odin v4.43
Ops File: AriesVE.ops
Driver: You should have Kies installed on your PC or download the driver. (this driver support almost all Samsung phones).

Stock ROMs: I9001XXKPU from
There are two stock ROMS available for now, it's the same build, the only differences is the default CSC file for each region.
For Germany (Debitel): I9001XXKPU_I9001DBTKP1_DBT
For Poland: I9001XXKPU_I9001OXAKP1_XEO

- Back up all important data stored from the device.
- Make sure that the battery is fully charge.
- Use the supplied PC USB cable for SGS Plus.

1. Extract the downloaded file, to get the single tar file. I used the I9001XXKPU_XEO Stock ROM on this guide for it is also applicable for all unbranded version of  Galaxy Plus in Europe. (Just needed to change the default language after flashing.

2. Run Odin Multi Downloader v4.43
3. Load the OPS file, tick on 'OPS' button then load the AriesVE.ops
4. Click on the 'One Package' checkbox, then tick on 'One Package' button and then load the
I9001XXKPU_I9001XXKPH_I9001OXAKP1_HOME.tar.md5 or the
Odin will check the MD5 Checksum for a while.
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Odin flash I9001XXKPU stock ROM

5. Set the Galaxy S Plus in Download Mode: Press and Hold Vol Down + Home + Power button.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Download mode button

6. Connect the phone to PC when it display in Download Mode.  Odin will automatically  the phone if its properly connected.
7. Hit the the "START" button to begin flashing. (Once  the flashing already started, DO NOT TOUCH the phone or Interrupt the process.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Odin flash I9001XXKPU stock ROM Start
8. Wait until it's successfully completes, it takes around 5 or more minutes (depends the speed of your computer). A word 'PASS!' will be shown once it successfully finishes.
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 Odin flash I9001XXKPU stock ROM finish

9. Reconfigure: 
Check and confirm the newly firmware installed *#1234#
Do full factory reset or wipe data cache. *2767*3855# 
Change to your desired text/language ( after flashing the default language is set in German).
Reset the default APN setting in your region (if having wifi and network problem issues).

That's it!

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