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N7000XXLA1 Android 2.3.6 Samsung Galaxy Note Gingebread Upgrade

The freshest Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread build for Samsung Galaxy note GT-N7000 for this year 2011 is now available.  The firmware build number is N7000XXLA1 with a modified or build date of January 05, 2012 . This Firmware build is an update from previous release N7000XXKL8. This is for International version or Europe unbranded Galaxy Note. This for greater stability of Android Gingerbread such as more smoother, faster and added battery life performance. We thought that its already Android Ice Cream Sandwich is on its way but still we got the 2.3.6 so far. Well don't hurry that much, we already smell on the breeze that its coming this few weeks.

So, just check it out over  Kies if its already available in your region. For advance users, you can now upgrade your devices by using Odin. The N7000XXLA1 with Multi CSC N7000OXALA1 is now available for grab via Sammobile.

Firmware info:
PDA: CODE_N7000XXLA1_CL868264_REV02_user_low_ship.tar 
PHONE: MODEM_N7000XXLA1_REV_05_CL1093393.tar
KERNEL: KERNEL_N7000XXLA1_CL868264_REV02_eng_mid_noship.tar
UMS: UMS_N7000XXLA1_CL868264_REV02_user_low_ship_16GB.tar
EFS: EFS_N7000XXLA1_CL868264_REV02_user_low_ship.tar
Version: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Build: January 05, 2012
Download: via

How to install N7000XXLA1 ( Check out the full detailed flash guide here)
- Grab Odin3 v1.85
- Needed pit file for those does not run official stockQ1_20110914_16GB
- Back up all important files stored on the Notepad
- Make sure the battery is fully charge
- Supplied USB cable for galaxy Note
- PC or laptop with windows OS with good and working USB port
- Galaxy Note GT- N7000

 Disclaimer: We shall not held responsible if something happens to your device by following this guide. Proceed at your own risk!

1. Extract the downloaded file
2. Run Odin
3. Load the binary files on its designated slots in Odin

PDA button:    CODE_N7000XXLA1_CL868264_REV02_user_low_ship.tar 
PHONE button: MODEM_N7000XXLA1_REV_05_CL1093393.tar
CSC button: GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-OXALA1.tar.
DO NOT check 'Re-Partition' for there is no Pit file is loaded.
samsung galaxy note android 2.3.6 N7000XXLA1 Odin flashing

For full flashing those who runs any unofficial ROMs having trouble reverting back to stock, just load and add the Q1_20110914_16GB.Pit file to it. Then check the Re-Partition checkbox.
samsung galaxy note android 2.3.6 N7000XXLA1 full flashing

4. Set the device in Download Mode - Press and hold the Power, Volume Down, and Home button simultaneously. Continue in Volume Up to get into the downloading screen, then connect to PC.

How to set Samsung Galaxy note N7000 in Download mode with button combination
5. Once Odin detect the device. Hit the "START" Button to begin flashing. Wait until it successfully completes. Once it finishes and the device reboots, tick the RESET button in Odin. Now flash the Kernel.
Click on the PDA button and then load the
samsung galaxy note android 2.3.6 kernel flashing

6. Set the device into download mode again. Volume Down+ Home+Power button.
7. Then hit "Start" to flash the Kernel.
8. Wait until the device reboots again then unplug it from PC.
Do Full Reset: *2767*3855#

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