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N7000XXLA4 latest Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

The latest firmware build  N7000XXLA4 is hopefully going to be rolled out this few days on all Samsung Galaxy Note users all over Europe Countries. The firmware is still packed in Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread and no signs of Ice Cream Sandwich yet. This is an upgrade from previous build that still mostly runs now in N7000XXKKA. This is the newest build this month, as it was freshly modified as of January 13, 2011.

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The firmware N7000XXLA4 is now spotted to be rolled out over Germany (Debitel Network), other regions over Europe will hopefully getting an update too. This is the second time Germany getting the recent updates from previous build N7000XXKL7. United Kingdom got it twice also, the N7000XXLA1 and N7000XXLA3.  In Asia already got the N7000DXLA1 firmware update this month. While other regions in Europe still stuck from November build N7000XXKKA.

Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAATO
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK5

Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAXEN
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000XENKK1

Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAXEO
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK6

Poland - Plus
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAPLS
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000PLSKK1

Romania - Cosmote
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBACOA
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK5

Romania - Vodafone
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBACNX
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK5

Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAAUT
Latest firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK5

United Kingdom - Carphone Warehouse
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBACPW
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000CPWKK3

Czech Republic
Product Code: GT-N7000ZBAXEZ
Recent firmware: N7000XXKKA/N7000OXXKK5

For those advance users and developers who are experts on how to tweak  firmwares on their devices the stock ROM N7000XXLA4 is now available for grab.

Germany Debitel
Phone: N7000XXLA4 
Stock ROM: GT-N7000_DBT_N7000XXLA4_N7000OXALA4
via credits to DannyD.

We do not have much information of what changes and features this new firmware brings so far.  So, better check out for an updates via OTA notifications and Samsung Kies server this couple of days.

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