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I9100XXLP1 I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 Upgrade for Europe Samsung Galaxy S II another leak

Sammobile had just released the leak Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich again. The first one came out yesterday was with the build number I9100XXLP1 then today the another build I9100XXLP2. This is the 7th Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich leaks for Samsung Galaxy S II and maybe there is more as long as this build goes stable.

Leaks of  Android 4 ICS firmwares. 
I9100XXKP1 ICS 4.0.1
I9100XXKP2 ICS 4.0.1
I9100XXKP4 ICS 4.0.3
I9100XXKP8 ICS 4.0.3
I9100XXKPA ICS 4.0.3
I9100XXLP1 ICS 4.0.3
I9100XXLP2 ICS 4.0.3

This new firmware is still based on 4.0.3 and builded as of January 10, 2012.  Again, this is not an official released by Samsung. We already had some reports that folks at Samsung are still working for the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for SGS II and other devices, but the only question  is -  when it be ready?.  So anyway, as long as there is no official released, advance users still gets the privileges of upgrading to ICS 4.

- Camera working
- USB and SD working
- Faceunlock
- Battery life more improvements
- Phone more faster.
- Touch sensitivity response is better.
- Option to use task manager. holding the home key brings up the stock ICS task manager but you also get the option to enter the Touchwiz task manager via a button at the bottom

I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 home screen

I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 Task Manager

I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 Menus

I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 Firmware info

I9100XXLP2 Android 4.0.3 Firmware build date

The stock ROMs I9100XXLP1 and I9100XXLP2 is now available for grab at Sammobile and can manually install using Odin. This one is version can be rooted by using chainfire's CF-Root kernel.

Version Android 4.03 Ice Cream Sandwich
Region: Europe
Stock ROM:
Credits to Sammobile admin DannyD

Chainfire CF-Root
Credits to Chainfire

How to Flash or Install with Odin. 
1. Extract the downloaded file.
I9100XXLP2 stock ROM download

2. Run Odin v1.83
3. Load all the md5 file on its designated boxes.
PDA button: I9100_CODE_I9100XXLP2_CL57619_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
PHONE button: GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXALP2.tar.md5
CSC Button: MODEM_I9100XXLP1_REV_02_CL1095381.tar.md5
Odin flashing I9100XXLP2 guide

4. Set the Galaxy S II in Download Mode - ( Press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button)
Connect to PC then hit the "START" button .Wait until the process successfully completes and the phone reboots. If you want to get root, use Chainfire's CF ROOT OXA_XXLP2 kernel.

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