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UnBrickable Resurrector: Fix bricked Samsung Nexus S

Have you got your Nexus S bricked? No worries for here it comes the UnBrickable Resurrector!
This amazing software that will resurrect your bricked Nexus S back alive again. XDA Highly Recognized Developer AdamOutler has updated the popular Linux Tool, Unbreakable Resurrector . A software solution that now can be used to unbrick Nexus S also.  Using this tool is so simple enough for most noob users for AdamOutler himself  provided the step by step instruction on how to use it.

UnBrickable Resurrector
So how this works? 
Here's an example scenario of cyberalex88at XDA on how this tool help fix his bricked Nexus S recently.
So official ics update! i was happy! I restored a 2.3.6 backup with cwm and applyed the official zip. But on reboot.. nothing, zero splashscreens, not even google logo. Now if i press power button the screen turn on but it keeps blank and there are no vibrations.. if i release power button then the screen turns off..
Is my nexus s (i9023) in a known state?

With UnBrickable Resurrector you can get both download and recovery mode depending on what hardkey you press (both vol or only vol up) during resurrection.
You are in download mode if search and home softkeys are on
You are in recovery mode if back and menu softkeys are on
You can try the way of recovery mode (with fastboot), for me (i9023) fastboot did not recognize the device.

Download mode solution
After resurrection you'll get a nice download mode (search and home button on and others off, not viceversa).
Now run a virtualized windows (or restart your pc if you have dualboot) and use odin to restore your device (bootloader radio system) to a stock rom like 2.3.3.
Why a virutalized windows or dual boot? Cause if you unplug the device you lose download mode.

Jump up now to XDA thread to get more detailed info and support from AdamOutler himself.

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