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How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Stock ROM ICL53F

A full factory restore stock ROM for Galaxy Nexus for those who need a quick fix and flash back to unrooted stock which also includes the radios here. Big thanks to XDA Member pentafive already taken up time putting with an Odin flashable ROM that will  revert back the Galaxy Nexus to the current unrooted release of Android 4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich. This will only work on both LTE and CDMA and for GSM is not yet available at this moment. This is an original stock image ICL53F with radios, kernel and recovery.

** Flashing this will wipe ALL userdata and your sdcard partition!! Make a BACKUP AND COPY IT OFF OF YOUR PHONE!!!
** It will bring your device back to stock running Android 4.0.2 Build ICL53F with EK05 CDMA and EK02 LTE radios.
** It WILL NOT relock the boot loader. You must relock your bootloader after flashing this ODIN to be 100% factory
If you have anything valuable that are stored on your internal storage, just make a back up of it  to your PC first. Especially photos, movies or even Titanium Back up files. This will ensure no loss of anything currently on the memory that you may wish to keep. This will take it back 100% stock (just make sure you lock the boot loader after). This will even wipe your sdcard partition. Don’t forget that you  will need to re-lock the bootloader again if you want to return in to your local providers for repairs.

How to install? 
The installation is yet so simple for  those who already familiar using Odin, this will only works for those who got a PC runs in windows for Odin will not work on Mac and Linux.

You need to use Odin to flash the following tar files on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

 File: VzW-PDA-ODIN-I515EL03_ICL53F_signed.tar
md5 : 6ff33e5b0d6b2da1c13824e0d90e97d9
File: VzW-PHONE-ODIN-SCH-I515.EK02_LTE.tar
md5 : b8d16828a1b777e4938834cba9e8f601

Jump up to the original thread at XDA to grab the ICL53F stock ROM and for more detailed instructions.
One more thing this will also useful in-case you need warranty replacement and or to fix a soft bricked Galaxy Nexus. 

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