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How to Flash and Install stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) I8150 using Odin

This is a step by step guide on how to flash the Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 stock ROMs. This method is by way using Odin downloader tool instead of Kies which is useful in downgrading, upgrading and reverting your device back to original stock or official firmware. We included some pictures for some very important steps just for newbies to see of what this process is all about.

DISCLAIMER: Dlltoday team take no responsibility for anything that may happen to your device by following this guide. This method shall not be taken slightly for it will harm your device, if something went wrong. So, proceed at your own risk.

Downgrading and Upgrading  Process
This method is just like updating your device via Kies that is installed on your computer, the only best thing with this is that you can also use other region firmware to upgrade your device in advance without waiting any firmware updates released on Kies. This includes leaks, and other unofficial or custom ROM develops by developers.

Reverting back to Official Stock
This process will return your Samsung Galaxy W I8150 to original factory default firmware or official firmware released by Samsung via Kies or OTA (over the air) updates. This is very useful if you want to 'Undo" modding of your device before selling it and or returning it back to your service provider for warranty purposes.

Fix soft bricked
If you your device suffered soft-bricked during firmware updates on Kies and your device just stuck on welcome screen and can't get into normal booting. So before you want to send it to your service center you first give it a shot and fix it by yourself.

Things you should do before flashing (for safety purposes)
Flashing the phones software is not safe, even if you use Kies, if anything went wrong like power failure or any interruption might result into serious issues and harms your device. So proceed with extra precaution before proceeding.

- Back up all important datas and files stored on your device.
  Contacts, messages, medias etc. (use Google sync) for it will be all wipe out during this process.
  You can use any back up application you have on your phone then keep it in a safe place in your computer.
- Ensure that the battery is fully charge ( this will save you from any bricks might occurred if the power lose)
- Odin only works on Windows OS, any other OS like Mac and Linux will not work.
- Make sure you computer/laptop USB ports is still  up and working perfectly.

Grab the files needed for flashing
So, if you are way up go and ready to have some tweaks of your device,  grab the following necessary  tools for this procedure.

* Odin Multi Downloader v4.43_with_smd0425 download. (the best one is v4.44_with_smd0425 but not available for now)
* Stock ROMs for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 (choose the right firmware that match with your device product code or via CSC file)
*  Samsung driver download ( you need the phone driver if you don't have Kies previously installed on your PC.
*  OPS file - Ancora.ops download ( this is the default OPS  file of the Galaxy W, which always needed to let Odin figure out that your going to flash the Galaxy W I8150 phone.
 - Extract the stock ROM, Odin and OPS after downloading (use updated winrar or 7zip)

Odin Flashing procedure on how to install Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150

1. Run Odin Multi Downloader v4.43_with_smd0425  on your desktop.
samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 1

2. Load the OPS file - click on Ops button then select and load the Ancora.ops.
  Always mark these option: Protect OPS, Auto-Reboot and F-Reset time.
samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 2

 3. Load md5 files on its designated space.

 One Package - This comes with a single packed tar file with the SS_DL.dll on it. (the dll is not to be use)
It already contains the PDA, Phone Modem and CSC in a single file only. 
 Just click on the 'One Package checkbox' then click on the 'One package button' then load and select your single packed stock ROM.  Like for this one flashing with a Europe stock ROM.  

One Packaged: I8150XXKK1_I8150OXXKJ6_I8150XXKK1_HOME.tar.md5

samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 3

Multiple Package - This comes with individual files Bootloader, PDA, Phone modem and CSC file.
This packaged is good for fixing soft brick and returning your device into original stock for it has a full and complete firmware files.
So after loading the ops file, you need to load the specific md5 files on each designated spaces. Browse to where you extracted your ROM select it. If you cant find it you didn't extract it. Like this one below using an ASIA stock ROM.






samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 4

4. Set the the Galaxy W I8150 into "Download Mode" -  Before connecting the device to PC USB you need to put it into download mode state, so that Odin will recognize it. To set the device into download mode, turn the 'POWER OFF' then gently press and hold the ( Volume Down, Home and Power Button ) at the same time.
Then there's confirmation message appears like the picture below,  then just press "Volume Up to continue".
samsung galaxy w i8150 download mode Odin flashing tutorial

If struggling into download mode, this is a little bit tricky sometime. Try to remove the battery for a while then put it back again, then try the button combination again. (If your device was bricked and can't get into download mode by button, buy or build a download mode Jig)

5. Connect the Phone to PC or laptop - Once the device already displays "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off  Target", it's now time to connect it to PC. In Odin the COM: Mapping box will turn to color yellow and it says "added! or detected!!" in the log box when the device is properly connected and Odin recognized the phone.

samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 5
(If  still struggling for the connection set up, do this: re-install driver, check and try using another good USB cable wire and PC.)

6. Click the "START" button - Once all of the above was set and went smoothly begin flashing.
Wait until the firmware installation finishes. You will be notified with a word "PASS!" in Odin if the Flashing process successfully completes. Let the phone reboot for a while, then it's time to unplug it from PC.
samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial 6

If the flashing fails don't panic. Switch to a different port of your PC and then repeat the process again.

7. Do full reset to get a clean and fresh firmware installed and wipe all unnecessary files.
Confirming the newly installed firmware *#1234#.  Full reset *2767*3855# or via recovery mode below:

Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Recovery Mode:
Press and Hold Volume Up, Power and Home button together. Then toggle on 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' and then 'Reboot system now'.
samsung galaxy w i8150 Recovery Mode button Odin flashing tutorial

Bonus Tips
The recovery mode is also useful for  softbricked phone if you previously update on Kies and gets a connection failed error that shows a Phone, a triangle with an exclamation mark inside and a computer.
To fix that, remove the battery for a while then do recovery button combination. Then select 'reboot system now'. Then update or install the firmware again..
samsung galaxy w i8150 Odin flashing tutorial fix bricked

So, that's it for now, Enjoy!

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  1. can you uplode this files
    OPS– Ancora.ops.

    Boot – APBOOT_I8150ZSKI3_CL613004_REV00_user_low_ship_EMMC.tar.md5.

    Phone– SMD_MODEM_I8150ZSKI3_CL613004_REV00_user_low_ship_EMMC.smd.md5.

    PDA – SMD_PDA_I8150ZSKI3_CL613004_REV00_user_low_ship_EMMC.smd.md5.

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