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Thinking Space Pro v2.31( android )

Thinking Space Pro v2.31
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: Mind Mapping for Android! Portable Mind Mapping has never been so fun!

This is the Pro version of Thinking Space, which unlocks the following features:

✔ Remove Adverts
✔ File Hyperlinks (for Images, PDF, audio)
✔ Folders/Tags
✔ Styles mode
✔ Full Screen Mode

Pro features description:
★File Hyperlinks allow you to link files from your Android device, such as PDF and Audio recordings to nodes.

★Tags/Folders allow you to sort Mindmaps on your title screen into 'Folders' through the use of tags and categorys. This allows you to organize your mindmaps, so that you can find the ones you want faster.

★Styles allow you to save the appearance of nodes to a library, so that you can later apply the same look (graphic, font size, color, etc) to any other node with a touch of a button.

★Full screen mode allows you to hide the Android notification bar, giving you a little bit extra screen space.

★And finally, adverts are completely removed from the Pro version.

Going Pro also supports the development of Thinking Space, so that many more awesome features may be added in the future!

Recent changes:
✔ Users upgrading: If the Pro icon does not appear in your launcher after installing, please try uninstalling and then installing again.

✔ Thinking Space Pro is now a standalone app, no more license files!
✔ New UI designed for workflow and speed!
✔ Freemind compatibility warning fix

What's in this version:
June 2011
✔ Added search text option to Zoom menu
✔ Volume keys no longer hijacked for map zooming (Configurable via settings)
✔ Improved 'Getting Started' help documentation
✔ PRO: Attachment feature now uses relative links
✔ More small improvements
Bug fixes:
✔ Text edit font size for LDPI devices
✔ XMind file format fixes
✔ MindJet file format opening/saving WIP tasks feature
✔ PRO: Disappearing tags fix
✔ PRO: Updated EULA, removed Ads clause (its inclusion was a mistake)

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