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Memoires: The Diary v1.4.4.4( android )

Memoires: The Diary v1.4.4.4
Requirements: ANDROID:1.6 - 2.3.3
Overview: memoires: the ultimate way to keep your memories on the go

Private, password protected and encrypted diary / journal.

(Data will be converted for new Map view)


Memoires gives a way to quickly enter thought, life moments, memories or notes, capture photos or insert images from gallery. Memoires detects location and addresses automatically and attaches them to a memo.
To keep records and images confidential, Memoires uses password protection and strong encryption.

- Strong protection with password and encryption of records and images.
- Timeline, Calendar, Map and Album views.
- Unlimited amount of photos captured or images attached (Storage space is limited by the size of SD card)
- Emotions (smileys)
- Tags to organize and classify records.
- "Flow of thoughts" as an additional way to keep memories linked to each other and organized as continues conversation.
- Current weather conditions.
- Geo location, altitude and address either automatically obtained or entered manually on the map.
- Filtering
- Unlimited possibilities to share records and images by to other applications (depends on application data sent to). Sharing over email, sms, twitter, buzz, facebook etc (required corresponding client apps installed).
- Storing text, links and images from other applications which supports sharing it's data (i.e from gallery, rss readers, ebook readers, browser etc.).
- Export as RTF document for printing including images.
- Export as Google document including images for further editing or sharing with friends.
- Full two-way synchronization with Google spreadsheet.
- Export images to Google Picasa album.
- Full backup and restore.
- Supports Move to SD card

What's New:
Minor bug fixes

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