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N7000XXKK9 Android 2.3.6 for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (Germany) Online

The official Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware update for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 for Germany users is now available on Kies. The firmware build number is N7000XXKK9  with multi CSC file and has all the languages for European regions. In Switzerland the updates is available too with firmware build number N7000XXKKA. Anyone runs with these following versions N7000XXKJ1 and N7000XXKJ4 which is 2.3.5 can now upgrade to 2.3.6.

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 2.3.6 gingerbread firmware update

Model: GT-N7000 Samsung Galaxy Note
Firmware: N7000XXKK9
Modem: N7000XXKK5
CSC: multi_N7000OXAKK9
Version: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Build date: November 11, 2011

Flashing and Rooting instructions
- this method is a bit risky for beginners and recommended for advance users only.

1. Download the N7000XXKK9 file from this thread on your computer;
2. use 7zip on your computer to extract the file named N7000XXKK9_N7000OXXKK5_N7000XXKK5_HOME.tar.md5 (password is "", without the quotes);
3. if you are already rooted and you have already installed CWM, then go to the Market and install "Mobile Odin";
4. if you are already rooted and you don't have CWM, the go to the Market and install "Mobile Odin". It will ask you to download an additional plugin. Do that.
5. if you are not rooted, follow one of the methods in this thread, then go back to 3;
The rooting guide by Chainfire's CF-Root kernel is now available by following the thread.
6. copy the file N7000XXKK9_N7000OXAKK9_HOME.tar.md5 somewhere on your phone;
7. run Mobile Odin, select "Open file..." and point it to the .tar.md5 file;
8. select "Enable EverRoot" if you want to root your new firmware.
9. select "Inject Superuser" to install SU on top of your new firmware;
10. select "Inject Mobile ODIN" if you want to install Mobile ODIN on top of your new firmware;
11. select "Flash firmware"
12. Choose "Check" to check the .tar.md5 file against its own checksum.
13. Wait. The "system" partition will take longer than the others to flash.
 prepared by ccristal @XDA

Germany DBT - N7000XXKK9

Switzerland AUT - N7000XXKKA

You can join the discussion thread here at XDA for further details about this firmware.

List of galaxy Note stock ROMs available so far to this date. You can grab it via

N7000XXKJA_ N7000OXXKJ8   
N7000JPKK2_N7000OJPKK2_XSG United Arb Emirates

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