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P7300BVKJ5 Android 3.2 Honeycomb Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab P7300 8.9 3G released

Orange network provider in France had just released the Android 3.2 Honeycomb firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab P7300 8.9 3G . The build number is P7300BVKJ5  with CSC file FTM- firmware letter code for France.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P7300 8.9 3G official firmware update
For other regions who can't wait and want to upgrade now, the Odin flashable P7300BVKJ5 stock ROM version is also available for grab. The Orange logo and bloatware or applications will be installed but you can remove it once you'll root your device and then using a Root Explorer.

You can remove the Orange application by uninstalling
For removing Orange apps, locate this folder files and just uninstall them.

For removing the apps, just need Root and RootExplorer
In folder  \System\App folder\
For the logo, there are 3 files to remove using Root Explorer :
In folder \System\Media\ - remove bootsamsung.qmg and bootsamsungloop.qmg
In folder \System\Media\Video\Shutdown\ - remove shutdown.qmg
In folder \System\Etc\ - remove PowerOn.ogg

You can grab the stock ROM at XDA , it is packed in a single .tar file and can be flashed through your Galaxy tab using Odin. To flash the P7300BVKJ5 stock ROM Just put the downloaded file in the PDA button of Odin.

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