Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 12, 2011

[ROM] IpmartX for Thunderbolt

I created this rom for the thunderbolt exclusively for ipmart users, this is the way I run my rom so wanted to share here for those few people who have the tbolt device, again for thunderbolt users only!! I added red overscroll and effects to give it a good i-Pmart feel and look!

Root - SU - Busybox - Deodexed for theme makers - Zipaligned
Browser mod from xda - 16 tabs
Misc tweeks
4 in 1 Reboot
Roboto Font
Removed all ringtones, notifications and alarms
Build.prop edits
Removed all skins
Red OverScroll effects
New bootanimation
All bloat and security issues removed
Flying window mod
Remove Locations icon from top bar
Misc power and speed tweeks
Battery icon from theme kitchen - Gauge style battery
Misc image tweaks

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