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GingerReal Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

 Here's a custom ROM created for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android phone. This custom ROM is develop and released by redmaner an XDA-Developer from Netherlands. He named the ROM as GingerReal which is based on Android 2.3. Gingerbread ROM that has been improved to give a better stability and speed, and also to enhance battery life experience while using this ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Hereby, I present you GingerReal. The fastest and most stable Gingerbread ROM around.
The development of this ROM, is 100% aimed on stability and speed, which we have proven. Current install base over 100.000 smartphones around the globe!
The latest version which is GingerReal-ACE-V1.1.0 - "The little one just got bigger" build based from two Gingerbread Stock ROM the S5830XXKPN Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and S5830XXKPH Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread which features the following below:
-Based on KPH (KPN is in the works)
-Jupa Engine R1.0.0 >> All information on how to use it here
-CF-Root B80
-CWM4 recovery
-Big APN list
-Hacked host file (no ads)
-Animation tweak
-Some build.prop tweaks
-GingerReal stuff (launcher + boot)
-Did some stability tweaking
-100% stock theme (some work from seilent can be found on sourceforge)
-Ext4 partitions by default
-A lot more

Some of GingerReal-ACE-V1.1.0 screenshots.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 Gingerreal welcome screen
Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 Gingerreal home screen
Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 Gingerreal Menu Screen
Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 Gingerreal Settings Screen
Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 Gingerreal Firmware info Screen
Latest Changelog info:
Stable V1.1.0
-Merged with official KPN firmware
-Deleted apps2sd (sdcard needs to be partitioned)
-Testing out a new tweak configuration (Good batterylife, speed and stability)
-Deleted GingerReal launcher we are now using QQ-Launcher pro (beta) update it in market to let it work
-Using meizu theme from seilent

If you want to try it out and install on your Samsung Galaxy Ace, you can follow the easy step by step procedure from redmaner., You may also ask some questions and get detailed information from the developer himself.  Just visit this thread at XDA-developer -

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