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Odin Flash Procedure on How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S SL I9003 to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread I9003XXKPH

Here's a step by step guide on how to manually upgrade or update the Samsung Galaxy S SL I9003 to the latest Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread  firmware version released with build number I9003XXKPH (Europe) with CSC file I9003SERKPH (Russian default language)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you may bricked your phone by following this procedure, proceed at your own risk and take extra precautions.

Thanks to spacebar2011 for providing this guide I just added some useful screenshots for beginners,
and for the firmware packaged link.

Firmware Details:
Version:  Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
PIT: latona_20110114
Date: 2011 August 9
Password is

Flash Procedure for beginners: 
If your Samsung Galaxy I9003 is now on froyo and not yet runs on Android 2.3.4 XXKPE, (check the version via *#1234#) You need to upgrade first to I9003XXKPE. Download the firmware via samfirmware link Download:
If you already runs on XXKPE do a Factory reset  first before flashing XXKPH.
Don't Forget to back up of all important files stored on the device before flashing.
Ensure that the battery is not in a low voltage condition or at least 50% or best if fully charge.

1) Extract the previously download firmware using winrar or winzip.
2) Run ODIN downloader tool. On Odin do not check Repartition checkbox option, just leave the Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time checked.
Click on the PDA button and then select and load the I9003XXKPH_I9003XXKPH_I9003SERKPH.HOME.tar file.

3) Turn off your device or remove the battery for a seconds and put it back again, then you need to hold down the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button) and then pressing the Power button. You will then see a downloading display like the image below.

Samsung galaxy S ODIN flashing 04
4) Connect your phone with your computer the ID:COM box will turn to a yellow colour to indicate that the phone is connected to the PC properly. If you still do not get any results, try another USB cable wire and USB port on your computer.
5 ) Once all set and ready, Hit the "START" button to begin downloading the firmware. 
6) Do not touch anything till you see "PASS" word on the program window. The phone will then reboot, and it may takes some time to boot up, it's normal don't panic.
7) Just do a factory reset after flashing to regain a fresh firmware update.
8) Change the default language according to your regions.

Here's the firmware feedback from Misledz @XDA.

NOTE: As most of you think this is leaked, It has been discussed by members in a massive post count that it remains official and it is. You can tell by holding the power button and home button till the phone fades off to restart. When it does you can identify, Unknown Upload Mode means you are still under beta where as if the phone reboot's/shows a tiny computer with a phone icon means it's stable. Only leaks had the issues regarding this.

Sound: Sound remains the same, there is no real improvement towards this but however there is a kernel change, Hopefully in the upcoming months this could help add a support or open a window to our now ever so stable GB ROM. This includes Voodoo Audio support.

Graphics: No real boost or improvement rather there are some hotfixes, There have been some textures that have been fixed, on games such as Sacred Odyssey had texture issues regarding grass. However in this version there is no issue regarding that. Horsie runs fine and no issues. Happy day. However this also might also open a window to Voodoo Color. *Please research this for more info*

Response Time: Seems there has been some major fixes regarding response times. The phone tends to respond faster than it did previously. Seems there have been some RAM optimizations. All Animations have been enabled and I've loaded a heavily docked screen with icons. As some of you may not know that the more icons you have, the more sluggish your phone gets as the phone takes time to redraw/recache the icons present on your homescreen. I've experienced no issues whatsoever and the phone tends to swap between apps pretty fluidly. Tested this with contact list load times and a list of over 992 contacts loaded in 7secs. Good job Samsung. Previously it was about 15-17 secs. If you have realized the screen orientation responds much faster now aswell.

Vibration: This part is usually for women ifyouknowwhatImeanunlesstheyhaveotherusesforthisph one, but meh. There seem's to be a slight boost in intensity upon receiving SMS's in silent mode. Don't know if this is a big issue but sometimes I can't seem to feel my phone vibrate in getting SMS's. Now it seems to be slightly "Feelable".

Market: Old School boring one. tl;dr.

RON VS RAM: Once again, My fav showdown based on performance with LW and performance without LW.

With LW- Thou shalt be happy to know that the phone no longer lags with LW. There seems to be a stable and steady RAM usage and under 20 minutes of constant stress test and whipping, the phone has no RON issues. Loaded with widgets and apps and constant ways to slow down the phone, The lag seems bearable but then again, 7 pages worth of icons and constantly switching with LW didn't bring me much pain. Rather the phone handled it like a boss. Me Gusta.

Without LW- Pretty straightforward, There has been no issues so far, For all you TouchWiz fans, I've tested with LW and without LW the pinch gesture to see how far can I take it to lag and the phone swaps between them, slowly due to animation, but still smooth. Me Gusta!

Battery: Battery improvement has been looked into aswell. Apart from the annoying glitch where your battery is being recognized as < 30% after a reflash, The phone was left to a whooping 10% playing music and ofcourse with the Wi-Fi on, took a nice small nap and came back 20mins later to find out the phone was at 8%, Not bad, but generally not the best either.

EDGE/GPRS Battery life: You shall be glad to know that this too has been looked into, The ever so annoying issue on XXKPE where the battery had the tendency to overheat like crazy causing your phone in your pants to cook your crotch, well no longer. Turned off Wi-Fi and left it on 2G/3G from 8% battery and over 10 minutes it dropped to 7%. Overheat still remains but the battery drain isn't as harsh as XXKPE. Me Gustas Tu.

Keyboard: There seems to be less keyboard lag aswell. Stock keyboard is lag free as usual, Swift X Key's latest version has a few minor bugs but on speed typing craze I found no issues that was directly related to the phone.

Video: Video supports MKV format as posted earlier, Need I say more? FLV support is also included, F4V aka HQ FLV is supported aswell. I haven't checked if this was a supported file format earlier.

Camera: Picture's taken in the dark aren't as much of a greyscale oriented as it was previously, There seems to be better illumination now, Video records .29 seconds faster than it originally did. Stock gallery isn't that great but the touch response and pinch sensitivity has been improved at a decent rate. Photo loadup times have been increased aswell.

Overall Verdict: There were a few thing's I was happy and unhappy with this. Once again this version has more improvements than thing's that get me upset, there hasn't been issues regarding shutdown or random hang ups. There is the question though on Google Talk and Skype support if this will however once again HOG SYSTEM RESOURCES. Sorry for the caps as it was necessary. Old Market, No flyover or CRT makes this somewhat a dry release once again, Once again the root being a major issue.

Overall Overall: Worth the flash, But still needs work on SOC support, Wouldn't want to go through the hectic ROOT Exploit method as it's a hassle for some. If you prefer stock then this is the perfect one for you.

Here's a screenshot given by Aaditya2  @XDA.

For Root - go here

For CWM - go here

For Deodexing - Go here

For Theme - go here

You may join our discussion thread at XDA-Developer to get any other details and info.

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