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I9100XWKI8 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy S2

Another Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware update has been available for Samsung Galaxy S II since from previous released of I9100XWKI3. This time the firmware build number is I9100XWKI8  with a build date of September 28, 2011. This firmware has been officially pushed out over Nordic Countries and the default firmware code which is NEE - Nordic Countries. The I9100XWKI8 stock ROM is now available on the link below and can be flash on Samsung Galaxy S2 by using Odin downloader tool.


# begin build properties
# autogenerated by Sep 28 20:51:36 KST 2011
# Samsung Specific Properties

Languages available of I9100XWKI8
- Čeština
- Dansk
- Deutsch (Deutschland)
- Deutsch (Österreich)
- Deutsch (Schweiz)
- English (Australia)
- English (Ireland)
- English (New Zeland)
- English (Sout Africa)
- English (United Kingdom)
- English (United States)
- Español (España)
- Español (Estados Unidos)
- Français (France)
- Hrvatski
- Icelandic
- Irish
- Italiano
- Kazakh
- Latviešu
- Lietuvių
- Macedonian
- Magyar
- Nederlands (België)
- Norwegian
- Polski
- Português
- Română
- Slovenčina
- Slovenščina
- Suomi
- Svrnska
- Türkçe
- Ελληνικά
- Български
- Русский
- српски
- 한국어
 Note: may contain inaccuracy

Some detailed changelog of the I9100XWKI8: by reflux21 @XDA

1. Multiple alarm entries can be selected and deleted at one go. (in alarms press menu> delete)
2. World clock is revamped, where the clock goes dark if indicating time of a country that is currently sleeping.
3. New desk clock feature (in clock, scoll the top tab where alarms, world clock etc are located to your left)
4. Overall, the themes are going more blue across the board.

1. Week view is more comprehensive now (not meant for the big thumbed!)
2. Improvements in creating calendar entries.

1. Still sucks like hell!
2. New animation when changing songs by swiping the cover in the “now playing” screen.
3. Wider sound stage, better sound management, better 5.1
4. Lower volumes via speakers and Bluetooth headsets

1. New animation and look when switching tabs.
2. Removed tab numbers in the open tabs overview
3. Speed improvements.
4. New animation when opening a new tab
5. C-Grade over scroll glow, but non intrusive.
6. Still didn’t fix multi touch on the browser. (Try moving around the page using 2 fingers touched) – BUMMER!

1. Improved cam quality
2. Improved UI and multi touch support when viewing recently clicked via camera.

1. Now can directly access camera from Gallery (Top right)
2. New revamped path bar (on the top, when accessing folders or pictures)
3. Much faster thumb-nailing scripts and quicker rendering
4. Revamped options bar (the one that comes up at the bottom of every pic with options send via and delete)
5. Can see picture previews before entering any folder (just pinch any bunch outward to see a photo flow)
6. New zoom in and zoom out buttons when viewing pictures (on top right)

1. New market (takes some time to update after flashing)
2. Minor speed improvements

1. Option to view as thumbnails.
2. UI improvements

1. UI improvements (look at your username, much smaller / look at the look of the bubble representing open chats)

1. Revamped UI when playing videos.
2. Now supports portrait playback (and will need to rotate for landscape view)
3. Power button while playback locks the screen (didn’t do that in some builds)
4. Can trim video (press menu while playback and select trim)

1. More options under “Call”
2. New vibrations options under “Sound”
3. New “Battery usage” link under “Applications”

1. Over scroll glow (a yucky one that too) - NO more bounce effect (THANK GOD!)
2. New firmware number (umm… )
3. More detailed power saver mode (under settings)
4. If profile is "Sound + Vibration" a vibration logo appears in the notification bar (BUG)
5. Endless loop scrolling between home screens
6. SIP no longer supported
7. Improved battery life
8. Improved sound quality
9. You can now change discovery period for BT devices. -rickytenzer

1. More blueness across the board added, maybe bracing for ICS?
2. Ridiculously smooth notification pull downs and smoother graphics and animation rendering everywhere.
3. At least 30% quicker than my older KG1.
4. Back button works lethally fast.
5. Anti-aliasing on fonts a leap better than older builds
6. Faster and better response in Voice talk app
7. New video maker app (not sure if that’s new ☹ )
8. Notification icons take lesser space in the notification bar
9. Support pulled for many older bluetooth devices
10. Taking pictures with autofocus works in complete dark with flash now. No more red color.

Firmware details:
Version Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Build date: Sept. 28, 2011
Added: 2011-10-07 06:02:40
Model: GT-I9100
Product Code: GT-I9100LKANEE
Modified: 2011-10-04
Filesize: 330.88 MB
Download: GT-I9100LKANEE-I9100XWKI8-I9100OXXKI2-I9100XXKI4-I9100XWKI8 

Update: Already rolled out on the following Regions
Austria (3) - I9100XWKI8/I9100DREKI1 (Android 2.3.5)
Denmark (3) - I9100XWKI8/I9100HTDKI1 (Android 2.3.5)
Italy (Tre) - I9100XWKI8/I9100HUIKI1 (Android 2.3.5)
Italy (WIN) I9100XWKI8/I9100WINKI1 (Android 2.3.5) 
Norway (Telenor) - I9100XWKI8/I9100TENKI1 (Android 2.3.5)
Sweden (Tre) - I9100XWKI8/I9100HTSKI1 (Android 2.3.5)

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