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How to manually flash and upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread with Firmware Version S5830XWKPN

Here's a step by step procedure for those who is asking questions about updating their Samsung Galaxy Ace to the latest firmware version S5830XWKPN android 2.3.4 Gingerbread that has been available quite sometimes now and reportedly fixed some bugs issues from earlier versions like,SOD (Sleep of Death) problem.

I'm an owner of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 with Gingerbread S5830SERKPE version and liked to update to the S5830XWKPN version. But I have a problem, how can updated?

The problem starts, when according to the guide, you need to input boot, phone,csc, and pda files in the odin multi downloader 4.38, but they have given absolutely nothing indication as to where those files are meant to be downloaded from. I had the extracted the firmware, hoping that it would contain those files, but wtf they only contain these files: "amss; arm11boot; boot; csc.rfs; mibib; oemsbl; qcsbl; recovery; system.rfs". There are no files like "CODE; CSC; MODEM and APBOOT" files to associate the fields defined in odin multi downloader 4.38. Can anyone help?

Quoted from samfirmware forum..

The S5830XKPKPN comes in a single packaged file, I mean the PHONE, PDA and CSC were packed together, so you will only need to tick and select the "One Packaged" option in Odin. One thing good about a single pack or ONE package is that it will not delete all the files stored on your device, so it will cost less time unlike using with the three files, PDA, PHONE and CSC that you will need to back-up all the important files before flashing.

Flashing Procedures:
Download the firmware via link and the password is
CSC File: CSC - S5830XXKP7
Android Version: 2.3.3 Gingerbread
Build Date: 2011 July 13

The Ops file:

and ODIN multi-downloader tool:
ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38

Once the firmware already downloaded extract it using winrar or winzip.
Then, here's how it works by using Odin multidowloader tool.

1) Run ODIN on your desktop.
2) Click on the OPS button then load and select the COOPER.Ops file.
3) Tick on the One Packaged checkbox, the Auto-Reboot and Protect OPS were also remain checked. Then select the One Packaged button at the bottom of ODIN and then select and load the GT-S5830_FOP_S5830XWKPN_S5830XWKP6_S5830OXXKP7.HOME.tar file.

4) Once all the necessary files are already set and loaded on ODIN.. Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy Ace, then boot it into download mode by pressing -pressing Volume Down+Power+ Middle buttons together. You will then see an android robot digging with a shovel on the LCD screen display.

samsung galaxy Ace Download mode
5) Connect the Samsung Galaxy Ace to PC, on ODIN a COM Port mapping will indicate and turn to color yellow if the device is already detected.

6) If the phone is properly connected,.. Hit the "START" button to begin flashing. Wait until the whole process completes it only takes around 5 minutes to finish. A progress bar on the left side of ODIN will show you the downloading progress.
A word "PASS" on ODIN will show and indicates that the flashing is already completed. . Then your Samsung Galaxy Ace will then reboot.

Do a factory reset to regain a fresh firmware installed after flashing.
You may then change the default language according to your locale or region.

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