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Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 Gitaxian ROM Gingerbread based CUSTOM ROM

Here's another coolest custom ROM for Samsung galaxy S SL i9003 developed by Namalessat XDA-developer. This ROM reportedly work perfect as smooth as you never had before and been used by a lot Samsung Galaxy SL users over Europe.

Here's a word from the creator of this ROM:

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I have not yet released the new version of my ROM, but unfortunately I have to give my time to me and my family.

With this message I want to ask all possible help from you. Unfortunately I live alone and I also have to make the home so I kindly ask you to help me.

I am happy to help the people who owns the phone I9003, but I request to you that you have more time to compensate me for my shortcomings.

First of all thank those who these days are helping those who want to use my ROM in your phone, helping to install and remove the doubts that before installing my ROMs.

I want to change the name of the ROM because I do not hear me, but I think it of you all. You who believe in my potential. You who trust my work. You try that with your time and give suggestions. I chose the new name and I think you will like.

Gitaxian ROM

The name comes from the Gypsies, which means "people" in Latin (me being Italian I like the Latin) and I think it is a ROM based entirely on your thoughts and suggestions I think it's the right name for this ROM.

ROM is now seen that the people I ask you to help me in this huge project that requires a lot of time and energy.

I'm not good at English because I studied until the eighth grade so I do not have the knowledge to answer all your questions. Google Translator helps me but not enough. There are people, friends who help me by giving support and explanations and I would like to raise awareness of this process because it requires time and knowledge of life on Android phones. Each of you can help with guides, previews, tips and helping others.
One thing that gave me the sadness is little collaboration between developers of ROM. I gave my support to two ROM which I could make a difference, but unfortunately everyone pulls water to his mill. I think you phone users, others think their project. I am sad for what happened and having no support from them asking for help to you who have interest in owning a phone that works well and works the way you want.

I apologize again to dwell on but I am convinced that many of you will understand my state of mind and I will support this mission. Making our better phone!

I can not waste time guides, images and more, I need to concentrate on what you do not know. I therefore ask you to take care of what you can do, help others, give advice and guides to use for your ROM.

I preferred to give space to my thoughts and what I want to convey to you all because I think it is more important than the relationship between the developer and the user that the instrument.

We can try with this guide:

1. Install complete firmware XXKPE.
2. Install my rom in PDA section of ODIN. No need CFRoot, integrate in my rom.
3. When finish my rom go device in Recovery, you need to delete dalvik cache and cache (not need factory reset).

Using 1.3 since yesterday morning and everything works great. Battery life is very good with data connection always up (way more than a day of use).

  • Wifi and gps work perfect
  • camera works fine
  • the more i see the theme the more i love it
  • needed to push gmail to system apps to make it work, simply installed from market gmaps (i suggest to keep it in ROM most of users need them)
  • did not tweak anything about graphics performance
  • converted to ext4 (i suggest to make it default  )
  • pushed new market to system apps as also social hub and im (do not push email.apk from sgsII it FC)
  • installed Vlingo, now from market (it's the free version of the branded voicecommand of sgsII) and works great
  • installed flash player (i suggest keeping it by default) but sometime when i browse with firefox and even maxthon, it is not recognized it and they warn that a plugin is needed

To get the Gitaxian ROM, head over at XDA-Developer thread.

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