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One-Click Unbrick Tool For Samsung Android Devices

This tool was created and develop by AdamOutler over XDA, above all it's free and very easy to use. Now, this tool can fix bricked problems on Samsung android devices, such as, getting problem on booting the phone into download mode and or recovery mode,  the idea of this tool will force the device into download mode (like a download mode jig) which you can get access to restore or flash back your Samsung phone's Android firmware.

Note: Stuck in a boot loop? Is it still able to boot into CWM(Recovery Mode) or Download Mode.
If it's still able to go back into Download Mode, you don't need this software.
Just turn your Captivate into the Download Mode and flash back to STOCK Eclair or Froyo using Odin 1 Click or whatever similar.

About One-Click UnBrick

This Software:

  • Will work on all Samsung devices which use Odin
  • Is a single, portable executable
  • Is the first one-click anything for our devices on Linux
  • Works on Mac
  • Works on Windows
  • Is open source
  • Is programmed in Java
  • Deploys and installs Heimdall for your OS
  • Is super easy to use.... Only one button! 

Demonstration video:

One-Click Unbrick Tool Screenshot:

This software is completely safe. It is a part of my Heimdall One-Click project. I wanted to release this to work out any cross-platform difficulties which may be encountered before I release Heimdall One-Click.

You can download this tool and get a full instruction and support  from Adan's XDA-developer thread here:

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