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Stock ROM T839UVKH1 2.2.1 for Samsung T839 T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

A stock ROM with build number T839UVKH1 for T-mobile's Sidekick 4G (Samsung T839) has been released  by samfirmware and which is now available to download. As early as we've  been expected but T-mobile doesn't bring any Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates yet. This is still an Android 2.2.1 Froyo version.

Stock ROM T839UVKH1

We do not have any report yet from the Dev's if this already tested and works.So we have no any idea of what comes up with this firmware version, since the last official update was T839UVKG2 last 21st of July but ironically it was not an upgrade version for the operating system and it was only issued for maintenance that includes various bug fixes and enhancements. As of now, the Odexed T839UVKD1 version was commonly been used by most advance users by way of using Odin tool to flash Back to Factory Stock and or to Recover a Broken System.

According to the build number coding the T839UVKH1 is much newer than the T839UVKD1 and T839UVKG2. So this version is the latest firmware we got. Anyway, flashing the stock firmware through ODin is much easier but needs extra precautions for it might it end up a serious problem such as bricking the device. So if you are not skilled in using Odin and do not wish to cause any damage to your phone, just leave your device and await for official updates via OTA.

 Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk, if your device get bricked I am not liable.
For advance users that want to give it a try you can grab a copy via download link
Sidekick 4G T839UVKH.You can register at for free.

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