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P7500JPKG6 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 Arabic 3.1 Honeycomb Stock ROM

Here's the stock ROM or firmware for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500. This ROM is an Arabic version and only can be used to flash on Galaxy Tab which has been released through Arabic regions. The Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 is the second-generation tablet that the Korean company has introduced to the market.

Please Note: We have not yet confirmed that this ROM came from original or just only a leaked.

Firmware details:
Android version: 3.1 Honeycomb
Build number: P7500JPKG6
Release Date: July 2011

This can be use to flash or re-install Arabic Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 in case the firmware goes bad like, boot loop or rebooting issues and or bricked. Don not use this ROM to other Galaxy Tabs it will not work and may cause damage or brick the tablet.

You can grab the copy of the said P7500JPKG6 Stock ROM at

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