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Android 2.3.4 S5830XXKPH Samsung Galaxy Ace for ODIN Flash is here

This news had just came up from XDA-developer by ingbrzy   that the newest firmware for Samsung galaxy ACE GT-S5830 is now available for download and can be flash via ODIN.  The firmware is a Europe version and as of now, everyone doesn't have a clear idea of what is new on this firmware update and unfortunately we all still at the state of reviewing this newly firmware came out. ..

samsung galaxy ace Android 2.3.4 S5830XXKPH

Android 2.3.4 S5830XXKPH - Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Build day: 3.6.2011

Mirror:  S5830XXKPH - Android 2.3.4 on Mediafire...
and the password is ekache99. He's the one uploaded it.

Join our discussion here at this thread for more detailed infos.

Update: Advantages of this version:
1. In the service menu items are available again GPS settings.
2. In the standard browser now work Flash. (you can see how it work if open on your ace`s browser)
3. Restored performance of not-original headset buttons.
4. camera quality better than KPE

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