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How to Flash Update the Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 Firmware using ODIN

Here's the step by step procedure on how t How to Flash Download the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica Firmware. Also known as: Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite or Samsung I5700 Galaxy Portal for T-Mobile

1) Driver Download / install Samsung I5700 USB Drivers
First, we need the following program on Windows "New Samsung PC Studio" or "SAMSUNG gravel", actually we only need the drivers, but they are integrated with the software, so install and connect after installing the program again and not more ... note icon wink SpeedUp Samsung I5700 GALAXY SPICA android.
Windows XP- Samsung PC Studio download link
Windows 7 - Samsung pebble  download link

2) Download Odin Multi Downloader

Download link 1:
I5700 Galaxy Spica ODIN Downloader 
Download link 2:
I5700 Galaxy Spica ODIN Downloader 
Download Link 3:
I5700 Galaxy Spica ODIN Downloader

3) Download Firmwares: I5700JPJA3 - I5700JPJC1
Or find and download the latest firmware updates.

4) Enable "USB debugging"

To "USB debugging" to activate your phone, you can do the following |

Settings-> Applications-> Development-> Enable USB debugging

5) Preparing to Flash or Download the Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 Firmware
Before we connect our phone to the PC, we start to run the Odin software, and enter the path to the previously downloaded files.

A. Run the ODIN Multidownloader program.

B. Enable Protect OPS and Auto Reboot checkbox.
C.  Select Files you want to download:
      - Click OPS button and select: Spica.ops
      - Click BOOT button and select: i5700XXxxx_BOOT.tar
      - Click Phone button and select: i5700XXxxx_PHONE.tar
      - Click PDA button and select: i5700XXxxx_PDA.tar
      - Click CSC button and select: i5700XXxxx_CSC.tar
In case you have one file package of Firmware then no need to flash OPS file, Just check ( One Package ) option and click One Package button then select the file you have.

6) Prepare the phone into Download Mode
You have to turn off your phone now and it must not be via USB connected to the PC, otherwise it can not boot in the new mode, this is done by holding down  ( Press Volume down Key + OK key ).

7) Connect the Phone USB cable.
.. If this is done, you can use your phone with the USB cable to the PC. You will see that the Odin software detects that you have connected your phone,

8) Click "Start" button when all ready... and wait, unless your phone after the automatic reboot to boot should not, do not panic.

Once you have waited a few minutes and displays the Odin software is that everything is finished, your phone starts up, no longer even take the battery out and put it back on, then restart your phone again.
When all is done you can see PASS word on the program.

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