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How to Flash Update/Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S 4G Stock + Root [ROM] Firmware Using ODIN

Here's a plain and simple guide on how to flash the Samsung Galaxy S 4G firmware using ODIN downloader tool.  "There are two ways to flash a custom or stock ROM to your phone. You can use CWM which is a lot easier but has to work with your model phone or you can use Odin which interfaces with your phone through your computer to add a ROM. CWM is what you would want to use as an everyday solution but if you brick your phone you would need to use ODIN to reinstall a stock ROM. Therefore both are very important tools."

For the meantime the original stock ROM firmware still at chase...
I flashed this yesterday after soft bricking my phone. I was in original stock/root, fota fix, bloatware removed before the brick.  For beginners before you proceed do a back up first.

Needed files and tools in Flashing the Samsung Galaxy S 4G 
1. Download the Stock + Root rom (.tar file)  or any custom rom that is only for Samsung Galaxy S 4G.
(Don't ever trying to Flash other device firmware to your SGS4G.
[ROM-ODIN]T959VUVKB5 Stock + Root credits goes to Krylon360 of XDA for his great job..
Includes Factoryfs.rfs, cache.rfs, modem, and kernel.
2. Download and install the Samsung galaxy S 4G USB driver for windows 32-bit or 64-bit
3. Download Odin 1.7 HERE .
4. USB data cable

Steps and procedures using ODIN flashing.
1. Run and start ODIN v1.7 .exe.

2. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S 4G into DOWNLOAD MODE by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down button at the same time.
You will see a big triangle symbol like the picture below: it indicates that the device is in download mode.

3. Plug the USB cable into the phone... Wait for the computer to install all drivers.

4. DO NOT CHECK the Re-Partition checkbox. leave it unchecked... only the Auto Reboot and Reset Time are checked.

5. In Odin click the PDA button and select and load the rom (.tar file)

6. Once all set... Click the START BUTTON.. then the flashing begins... (takes a couple of minutes)

7. After it completes your phone will reboot into recovery mode

8. Select reboot system now with the power button (wait a couple of minutes again to establish the new system),
do a full data wipe/factory reset.

 That's it! Like everyone had said before, we are not responsible if you brick your phone. This process worked flawlessly for me.

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