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ODIN Guide: Upgrade 2.3.4 Gingerbread XXKP9 Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

 Here's a procedure on how to flash and install the leaked XXKP9 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003. Note: This is a DEV RELEASE VERSION and not been officially released. But you may still try out of curiosity matter.  I have quoted the best feedback below from those who already tried out and install this said firmware. You may also checked of what's new and known issues about this ROM in our discussion here at XDA.  

For beginners back up all of your important data installed on the device (use any back up tool).
Note: proceed at your risk, we are not liable any issues happens to your phone by applying this procedure.

Firmware Version: I9003XXKP9 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
PIT: latona_20110114.pit
Bootloader: APBOOT_I9003XXKP9_CL309731_REV08_eng_mid_ship
PDA: CODE_I9003XXKP9_CL309731_REV08_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5 
MODEM: MODEM_I9003XXKP9_REV_00_CL1027275.tar.md5
CSC: GT-I9003-CSC-MULTI-OXAKP9.tar.md5
if there is a password try: 

1. Download and extract the XXKP9 2.3.4 Gingerbread
2. Run ODIN3 v1.83.exe
3. Click PIT button then select and load the file: latona_20110114.pit
     Ensure that the Re-partition, Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time are checked.
4. Boot  your Samsung Galaxy I9003 into Download Mode by pressing the Volume down + OK button,  then hold Power button. Then connect the phone to PC. The ID:COM box will show you an indication if the device is already connected or detected on the PC.

5. Hit the "START" Button to begin flashing the PIT file.

ODIN flashing samsung galaxy S I9003 2.3.4 Gingerbread xxkp9
6. Once finish flashing the PIT file, on ODIN click the "RESET" button. (Re-Partition checkbox will automatically uncheck.)
7. Now load all the needed binary files on ODIN.

Click BOOTLOADER button and select this file: APBOOT_I9003XXKP7_CL280937_REV08_eng_mid_ship

Click PDA button and select this file:

Click PHONE button and select this file:

Click CSC button and select this file:

Turn OFF the Samsung Galaxy I9003 or remove the battery and reinsert it back again. Then boot the phone into Download Mode again. (Volume Down+Home+Power button).
Hit "START" button to flash the Bootloader, PDA, Phone and CSC files.
Do not touch anything until it finishes, you will see a word "PASS" on ODIN window when it successfully completes.
ODIN flashing samsung galaxy S I9003 2.3.4 Gingerbread xxkp9 binary

Then do a Factory reset procedure once the phone reboots..You may then confirm and check your newly installed firmware through your About Phone Settings.

Here's spacebar2011 from UK overview about this firmware:

Also, please do not come back on here with stuff like "this ROM, too many bugs, some fancy feature does not work and thus its crap". This is still a DEV ROM and it has bugs, that is expected. So do not moan about that. If you want a bug-free build (if that exists on any version of any OS..), flash one of the officially released ROMs and swallow the fact that you're not made for leaked ROMs.

Okay, rant over!
Now the feedback:

- First and foremost; more than 24 hours and no SOD with everything from data to Wi-Fi left on. No SOD in any sleep scenario, manual or timed out.
- Camera, video rec, playback etc. all works fine. No issues at all.
- Call quality is good.
- Kernel Panic appeared while rooting but nothing more than that.
- I do not use any 3rd party camera apps, so can't tell if they cause problems although ShopSavvy barcode scanner works fine.
- Can play 720p videos (seriously, do you really need to play full HD 1080p vids on a 4" screen?)
- I'm not into watching too many videos on my phone anyway, but mp4 and avi files that I do have on my SD played perfectly fine. I've developed the habit of converting videos to mp4 or avi to the phone's resolution before I transfer them to the phone, it saves memory and weeds out any possible playback issues while maintaining good video quality. (I wouldn't watch Transformers on this, would I?)
- Video calling on 3G works.
- Video calling on Skype not yet supported for this device, Galaxy S was added in the last update, so we might have it soon.. (yes, I'm talking about the latest version.. d'oh! )
- Wi-Fi working fine, no disconnections, signal is reasonably strong.
- HSDPA data working fine, there are disconnections sometimes but that could be an operator issue, not sure.
- Music via bluetooth works, doesn't stop when device sleeps.
- People with Market issues; did you do the utter stupid thing by restoring system apps (incl. Market) from previous backup? If yes, then please smack yourself in the face and reflash. If not, then just go to Applications>All>Market>Clear Data. Reboot phone and launch Market.
- Screw the default gallery and use Quick Pic, trust me, you won't look back!
- Do NOT long press power button, it still is a DEV ROM and Kernel Panic will appear. Just select reboot from the pop-up after pressing power button normally.
- Battery life is as good as Froyo if not better. No complaints.
- Phone is very responsive, smooth and more than 150MB free memory with tons of apps installed. Btw, I used Root Uninstaller to freeze annoying Samsung bloat (Daily News & Briefing, Aldiko, Layar etc.)
- Mobile AP works and can be found in Tethering under Wireless and Networks. (That wasn't tough at all!)
- KIES detects device fine (you know I don't care about that horrendous piece of software but yeah..).
- Both SD cards are detected on PC.
- SD read write speeds are impressive on the phone. I got 9.9 write and 20.5 read speeds on Antutu.
SD Tools gave 8.4 and 20.8 respectively which is still pretty impressive!
- Antutu numbers are attached.

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