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Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Bluetooth/Wifi Not Working - Hardware Solution

This is the solution for Samsung Galaxy S Bluetooth/WIFI Hardware Failure problem. If the device doesn't turn the bluetooth, shows errors and it doesn't working, this solution may help fix if already done any firmware calibration but the problem still exists.

The highlighted components on Samsung Galaxy S PCB board below is the bluetooth transceiver circuit. the circuit used Broadcom BCM4329 Low-Power 802.11n  Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM (Tx and Rx) module.
If something wrong with the bluetooth circuit cause by water or wet damaged, the device Bluetooth failed to work or initiate.

To fix Bluetooth/WIFI problem, you may first try to restore or flash download the Samsung Galaxy S device firmware and only then do a hardware troubleshooting if the said firmware is successfully restored but the bluetooth still doesn't work.

Hints to fix Samsung Galaxy S Bluetooth/WIFI Failure:
1. If the Bluetooth/WIFI function doesn't turned ON, Check the VCC 2.8V. If the voltage is missing there must be a problem on the power management IC.
2. If the VCC voltage is okay, Check, rework or replace the clock oscillator and the VIN voltage 1.2V coil if necessary.
3. Check the status of antenna connection, like the coupling capacitor and antenna connector.
4. Rework and replace the Bluetooth module if all the procedures above already done.

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