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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Not Charging Problem Solution - Hardware

Here's a solution we already tested to fix Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Not Charging problem. This solution covers for hardware repair and not on firmware. Do software calibration first if you are not sure what causes your mobile phone that is unable to charge.

This may help if when you get a charging problem such as follows:
- The device suffered wet or water damaged, heavily dropped, the USB connector is damaged etc.
- When plug in the charger the battery indicator light on the front turns on but the battery is still not getting charged and the battery icon is also not indicate charging..
 -Not charging when pluged it in, the green light flashes and then it goes dark.

 To fix not charging on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, you may first Ensure the following:
- Does your battery is not totally drained? A drained battery will not charge up and absolutely don't power or turns ON. , because of insufficient  voltage ratings- Replace it or try to use another working one.
- Ensure that the USB or wall charger is still working or try to use another known working one, or try the charger to another X10 device.

Here's the solution that fix Xperia X10 Not Charging problem.
This applicable for technicians with good soldering skills only.

Firstly  visually checked the device PCB board charging components for possible oxidation build ups and damaged such as the USB pin connector and the charging protection components.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Not Charging Problem Repair Solution

* Trace each of the USB pin connector VBUS, Ground, also includes the D- and D+ for it will result to USB to PC or laptop connection problem.
  You can read around 5V up using a multimeter on the VBUS pin when the USB or wall charger is plug-in. 
* Re-solder the USB pin Connector, if necessary. (in other device these part is covered or glued, just remove it by a heat gun or safely just scratch it out)
* Check VBUS and GROUND pins O ohms resistors and replace if found damaged. 
* Reconnect or mend a jumper wire if there are USB pins line paths already broken, open or cut.
* Rework the Charging Over voltage protection circuit, replace if not charging still continues on Xperia X10.

That's it for now,... more solution will be publish soon.. 

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