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Sprint Samsung Transform EF09 Firmware Update Released Postponed

The firmware update for Samsung Transform currently released by Sprint  that hopefully to fix "Receiving an error when attempting to Update PRL and Update Data Profile" is now taken back and currently unavailable.

As of 7/8, the upgrade to EF09 is no longer available due to an issue  experienced by a small number of customers.  Please see this thread for additional information:
The said update cause some users trouble over US on their Samsung Transform devices  to get stuck in RECOVERY MODE while updating.

"This morning my phone told me to update, so i did. Then it went into samsung recovery utilities. it won't respond to my touch using touchscreen or keyboard. when it reboots or i take out the battery and reboot it, it keeps coming up with the same screen. Help!"

Sprint advices a solution to those who experience and also gets stuck in Recovery Mode with the procedure below:
1. Power the device off by pressing and holding the Power Button.

2. Attempt to power cycle the device into the Android Recovery Menu by pressing the Volume Button Down + Signal Key + Power Button when powering on the device (release the power button after the device powers on as it will turn the device off if you maintain pressure on the power button) and wait until the bar fully loads
3. Press the Voice Signal Key to attempt to Reboot System Now

4. If steps 2 & 3 don't work, then follow step 2 again to return to the Android Recovery Menu, use the device Volume Keys to select Wipe Cache

Partition (using the Voice Signal Key to select that option) (see image below)

(The Voice Signal Key is the key directly below the Power Button on the right side of the device.)
Or you may visit sprint for further details and infos.

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